The Hare & the Tortoise

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been dipping my toe into this wonderful world of blogging. It’s proving a sharp learning curve, with so many things to learn, not only about my style, my offerings, my ability to adapt quickly when it comes to tech, etc. Mostly I’m amazed to realise there’s still so much to learn about creativity.

The idea for ‘The Cabinet Maker’s Lovetale’ was initially to show the family home we have created, on the back of Ross’ {my husband} cabinet making business. He has a website, Facebook & Instagram account to showcase his clients’ work, but none of these social platforms seem to be able to support the many creative projects we get up to as a family in our own home.

{backstory: we have renovated 4 houses together in 10 years}
…turning houses into homes is our gift, and a blog seems the best platform to share it.

So, it goes without saying, I’m hugely excited to be joining a rich community of online bloggers as we craft/create & generally gift our talents online.

But already, I can feel myself wanting to run before I can walk…I have such vision for our Lovetale, such an array of ideas to share, so many photos to take & so many posts to write…all the while self doubting myself, as the sea of home styling blogs out there pull me in & force comparison.

But this is just our start. Our first dip.
I’m learning to slow down, to create a style {organically} to learn the WordPress blogging platform & to start connecting…
I realise that I’m on a journey here, and it’s all the more helpful to really share the journey. So if you’d like to tinker along with me/us, sign in to follow our blog {hoping to add a mailing list & social media buttons asap!} You’ll start to see some sweet & simple projects.

Historically, I’m a bit of a hare. So this slowing down doesn’t come naturally. But I like learning new things. Take time. Be gentle. Be the tortoise.

Oh, & this is the perfect excuse to share one of Lily’s Christmas gifts…a free-hand embroidered ‘hare’ cushion, by the truly talented Anna Osborne.
Available {although selling fast!} at The Eel Catchers Daughter, Ely, UK

Happy slowing {albeit amidst the fastest season of all!} x

2 thoughts on “The Hare & the Tortoise

  1. A beautiful and inspirational blog Jess, really looking forward to seeing it develop. Thankyou for the link, I love stitching hares and seeing them in the surrounding landscape and am delighted this one has found such a wonderful home : )


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