Styling the seasons ~ March 2015

Wherever you are, be all there. {Jim Elliot}

Do you ever overthink things? Me too. There I was, staring at our mantle, trying to think of some ‘Styling the seasons’ inspiration….when there, right in front of me was the most beautiful light. 

Springtime sunlight that actually reaches right through from our front window, kissing the blooms hello & reassuring us all that warmth is on the way! 

So I gathered up a quick garland & took these shots. Voila! 

Caught in a fog of thoughts & worry, I’ve been feeling very ‘stuck’ this past week. Happily the sunlight today has quite literally reminded me to see the brighter side of life & crack on!

So, for my Styling the seasons this month, this is it. Just a few images of some gorgeous light on some gorgeous petals. 

Obviously I couldn’t resist a little tinkering again this afternoon…so a bonus shot to reflect the March ‘tea time’ celebrations that lie ahead. {Mother’s Day & my beautiful Blom’s ‘fancy hatters’ 30th tea party!}

Enjoy watching that rising sunshine & kiss the springtime hello!

Happy March x

Ps. Styling the seasons is a monthly interiors styling challenge hosted by Katy & Charlotte {tap their names to link over to their blogs to find out more}

5 thoughts on “Styling the seasons ~ March 2015

  1. Ah, it’s mazing how inspiring the light can be, isn’t it? And it’s a beautiful post so just goes to show we shouldn’t get ourselves in a tizz – sometimes we just need to step back and take a bit of time xx

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