Painting cutlery – with Eco-friendly paints

You may have read my previous post {here} about the tester pots we recently received from Earthborn paints. And, seeing as we had 3 half tester pots still to spare I got thinking about how we could use it…

I first caught sight of this idea over on Pinterest, and always thought it would be a great way to cover up our crazy luminous picnic cutlery…and with this super eco-friendly paint, I figured it would be fun to give it a try.

painted cutlery
begin by masking the cutlery with washi tape
earthborn paint
we used three pastel colours to create a summer pallette


painted cutlery
we gave each piece 2 coats of paint & air dried between each ~ pegging it to a washing line would also work
storing it in small glass tumblers & a wire basket makes it easy to carry outside


For sure, our cutlery was very much fine before…but personally, this new pastel matte finish is really beautiful.

1 tester pot does a 16 piece cutlery set with plenty left over, and there’s no odour or nasty ingredients. Maybe it will chip, and I wouldn’t even attempt to run in through our dishwasher, but it’s beautiful.

Our pretty picnic cutlery is good to go…x

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