My Monday mood board ~ kitchenalia super fave

Diving straight in…it’s food related, so I can’t hold back {!} …this week’s super fave is from the lovely Madeline aka @bymeeni 

Isn’t it beautiful?! 

I was completely taken by the beautiful colours created from “natures bounty”…Madeline has given us such a seasonal treat with her choice of kitchenalia & I can only imagine the array of deep plums, crimson & sweet pinks she’ll be creating from garden goodies in the coming weeks! Thank you for inspiring us Madeline.

I can’t wait to get cracking on our blackberry jams & jellies. Already our brambles are fully laden, & we’re patiently waiting for the tight red berries to burst into juicy black gems! 

We’re so lucky to have a patch here in our garden, but I know we’ll be off driving to our fave hedgerows too…there’s something so wonderful about a berry scrump! 

Do let me know if you spy any particularly delicious recipes?! I was totally inspired by Rebecca @reallyprettyuseful this morning, as she shared her recipe for cherry pie filling…click here.  It prompted me to add a huge bundle of cherries to my shopping basket this morning!  

wire basket

Anyway, I totally digress! 

Our gorgeous round up from the #mymondaymoodboardgallery as well as featuring Madeline’s, also included this brilliant & creative collection of kitchenalia: 

@flojoro123 @bymeeni @sarahehemsley @jannelford

You guys are so wonderful at interpreting these prompts & I do so love how Lucy curates these grids, don’t you?! Lucy has been the inspiration for next week’s theme…

We were having a little ‘chat’ {as we do} which so often includes us sending each other little pictures of our homes/family etc…it’s very sweet, and this week, she so kindly shared a few pics from her latest garden project. It’s fab! And hopefully I might tempt her to share an image or two publicly!? {but no pressure L!} 

So…next week’s theme is GARDEN.

Hoping the sun shines & gives us all plenty of excuse to get outside & into the green, whether it’s your own, a friend’s or a public park/garden….share, encourage & inspire! 

Have a wonderful rest of the week, 

Jess x

Every week myself @jessicatrent & my friend Lucy @seasidelucy host a fun & creative photo challenge on Instagram. Everyone is welcome to play along, pop over to @mymomdaymoodboard to find out more! And join us on Pinterest

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