My Monday mood board ~ quite simply marvellous

hello everyone! 

I think it’s safe to say summer has been ‘quite simply marvellous’ …trips to the beach, freshly air-dried sheets on the bed, garden-gathered blooms around the house, and now, as we head into September, we have all the foraging for blackberries & apple scrumping to look forward to…


And seeing this beautiful image from Samantha, aka pop up on this week’s #mymondaymoodboard gallery was such an end-of-summer treat!   

The late summer blooms, the beautiful blush watercolour stationary; a nod to the finale of wedding season, the oaky wood background; all swirled together to give me a really lovely feeling of a sweet summer ‘send off’.

I hope Samantha won’t mind me sharing another beautiful image from her feed…

I have a soft spot for September weddings, as Ross & I celebrate our 9th anniversary today…& this bespoke design from Samantha is so reminiscent of our hand written/drawn invitations, just beautiful! Thank you for playing along. 

So to next week’s theme…taking inspiration from the above, and from the lovely Lucy aka @capturebylucy  

Let’s set the prompt: Q U O T E S

they always bring such a hit of inspiration!

Happy September all round…

Have a wonderful week, and looking forward to seeing all your images next week, 

Jess x

Ps. Everyone is welcome to play along…see @mymondaymoodboard over on Instagram.

One thought on “My Monday mood board ~ quite simply marvellous

  1. Let’s go foraging – know of any blackberry hot spots?

    Looking forward to seeing you later – I’ll come straight from work via the M&S Sushi Bar!!

    Lots of love

    Mum xx

    Liked by 1 person

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