My Monday mood board ~ Coming around again

I’ve always loved a circle…& a square has the same balance for me, it frames organic shapes perfectly; perhaps that’s why I love Instagram so much.

So I was thrilled to scroll the myriad of circles tagged to the #mymondaymoodboard gallery this week. 

@vanillalemoncake @skcakery @ehpyle @keepingwiththetimes

Congrats to everyone above; featured in our weekly round up. 

But it made it difficult to choose just one winner…so we’ve gone for a hat trick! {sorry, I hope that’s ok?!}

There was this gorgeous ‘mood board’ from the lovely Silkie @rosehippaper {I was lucky to meet Silke earlier this year, and have since discovered her beautiful stationary ranges…see here}

It’s really very lovely to spot a few mood boards in the gallery ~ inspiring me to get brave & share a few. 

mood board
This lovely image…capturing circular shapes & seasonal autumnal references from @sarahehemsley makes me want to dive straight into the kitchen to make pie!

It screams autumn, circles & comfort, so thank you Sarah for your treat of an image! 

plum pie
And finally this beautiful capture from Emily; @fleuropean …a new Instagram account to me, who funnily enough has also been featured on A Quiet Style blog this week.  
blush roses

Her floral arrangements & photography are to die for! 

Thank you to everyone playing along, it really is a treat to have this little community grow & flourish week on week. 

Next week’s prompt is DAWN TO DUSK…

As ever, interpret as you wish! 

Jess x

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