My Monday mood board ~ GOLD

Hello! Happy hump day & thank you to so many of you giving away your GOLDEN shots this week…our @mymondaymoodboard gallery was flooded with gold


autumn gold
congrats to @keepingwiththetimes @i_am_mrs_fevs @zoepower
We couldn’t resist choosing this next image from @hannie65 for all its golden light, leaves & love of autumn;

golden leaves
Annie’s feed is so beautifully capturing all that is Autumn & well worth a look! 

Thank you all for playing along…if you’d like a little head start; next week’s theme is T E X T U R E 

‘See’ you Monday! 

Jess x

Ps. #mymondaymoodboard is a little weekly Instagram photo challenge. Everyone is welcome to play along…pop over to @mymondaymoodboard for more info x 

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